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A young rapper from Brooklyn, New York . Who loves his city and draws from other people experience as well as his own and what he has seen to make music. Relationships, street life, downfalls and uprisings all come together to make the music that Jay King makes.His also arrogant and confident attitude as well as his intelligence helps him to be even more a better artist and writer. Thus, making him very versatile. Jay is a person who is never satisfied with where he uses his ambition to take him to greater heights and levels in whatever his endeavor may be. His love and passion for ALL kinds of music drives to try and innovate and invent something new one day that people that can listen to.Although times are rough for people trying to break into the music industry he is patient and ready and feels that it he is destined for GREATNESS...



Singer/Songwriter/Producer and Actress Sayonne (born Stephanie Courtney), honed her brilliant gifts from the age of three when called to perform her first musical ministry at her hometown, Brooklyn church. As both she and her vocal prowess grew, so did her audience as other churches throughout the region recruited the vocal prodigy to come sing. In this way, she developed the pure soul essence that underpins whatever genre she touches. Throughout high school, she became attracted to other forms of music. From June of 2017 on she has been consistently writing, producing, and team building toward a new body of work including a forthcoming tour. Sayonne maintains an active social presence and her ever-growing audience of fans can keep up with the latest endeavors on every major social media platform as well as her official website

Benjy B

Benjy b was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He began playing the drums at the age of 11. music has always be

Dahlia Jovan is a singer singer songwriter whose talent shows much promise. Hwer uncanny vocal ability enables her to effortlessly switch from a heartfelt soulful ballad to a pop-melodious musical soulnd that can win. over the hearts and minds of any diverse audience. Her talents has been featured on works with Mario Winans, Erick Sermon, Lucan Goodman of Lion Babe and Rockwilder. Dahlia has also written songs for Greek (ABC Family), Mwelrose Place (CW) High Society (CW) Veep (HBO) Power (Starz) and LHHNY (VH1).  







A-Crave is a rapper from brooklyn, Ny. he's ben making music since he was 11 years old, and he's always ben into the arts. In 2017 A-Crave took a tragic lose losing his father due to cancer. A-Crave then increasing his self to work harder in the studio, and do to alot of time spending in the studio A-Crave came up with his hit single Never Lack! Never Lack has gotten alot of praise in the hiphop community which A-Crave has performed at Hot 97 Brooklyn Unity Fest with HipHop Mike, TT Torrez and many more from Hot 97. 



"Straight outta Southside" Young Wess derives a charisma and style unique to successes in his struggle.  As a current graduate of Cuny York College in Jamaica, Queens, he strives to continue to educate himself both culturally

and about the entertainment industry.

Young Wess is a writer and striving multi-media producer who is in love with the creative process. "An artist at best, a creator at most, at least a writer" is how he describes it. Wess explodes on stage with a tenacity that lifts the crowds energy to uncharted heights; most times setting the tone or intensifying the energy. 

Tewa Leah


Tewa Leah is a multifaceted artist who embodies “indie” in its truest form balancing an independent career as a recording artist, songwriter, actress, and model. The songstress, born and raised in Bronx NY, delivers an edgy timeless sound music lovers crave. Her music is a mix up of classic R&B, POP, and Dance songs that force listeners to let go and feel the music. Tewa Leah began landing notable music gigs in 2016--singing back up, performing at the Showtime At the Apollo Revival Premiere and the BET Black Girls Rock celebration. In early 2017 Tewa Leah had 3 original songs placed in a 2017 Sundance Film Festival Short Film-candidate, The Spirit of Eve and is currently writing songs for another artist under Sony Music Group. Tewa Leah has performed at countless venues around NYC, in Hot 97 DJ Magic’s music showcase, and opened for major artists’: Grammy Award nominated artist Velous, and Multiple Grammy Award winning artist, Mr. Cheeks of The Lost Boys.  Tewa Leah’s latest remix to Post Malone and Ty Dolla Sign’s Billboard hit “Psycho” is soaring on Sound Cloud, reaching 24k plays this month. Tewa Leah is currently recording her EP, set to release in 2019, in the meantime fans can enjoy the singles available on tewaleah.com/music, all major streaming platforms, and Sound Cloud.

Website: https://www.tewaleah.com

Music:  https://www.tewaleah.com/music

YouTube VEVO (Music Videos): https://bit.ly/2EJdInW

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2UWrrwi

Tidal: https://bit.ly/2PVa7E7

Apple Music: https://apple.co/2LzHJHm

YouTube Music: https://bit.ly/2AdWqv7

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/us/artist/14406167

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/tewaleah

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tewa_leah/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tewaleah/



\ Devalis Carver is a Brooklyn born rapper and is a middle child of his three siblings. Devalis Carver had grown up loving to draw and play video games for majority of his day at the age of eleven.  He was sent over to his English teacher where he was told to write a poem about how he felt. Devalis would soon be   interested in rhyming. The language was vulgar, but it was a stress reliever. Fast forward a few years, Devalis would learn how to play an Electric Guitar and soon Piano, he left the UFC world for a gig at the local music venue. While making music, he tried to become a wrestler, he definitely was excelling, but he didn’t want to chance an injury and be unable to do music. Devalis quit wrestling and decided that he would turn into a rapper called Gra.CD. His previous names were D status, D-money and Big D. Devalis thought GRA.CD was perfect because Graffiti is for the art he makes, and CD is for Compact Disc and for Music and his initials flipped backwards.  Gra.CD would head to York College and the first thing on his mind was where is Dr. Zlabinger?! Not for a fight but for the music events, happening in the school? After trying to meet up with him for about a week he told Gra.CD to come to a jam session. Devalis did not know what a jam session was, but he went there anyways. He ended up enjoying himself and kept on doing it until this day.  

Mayowa Brings Joy


A young Nigerian aspiring Student Producer/Artist from Far Rockaway Queens, NY decided it was time to turn his talents and dreams into fruition. From blending different unique sounds of Afrobeat, R&B, Dancehall, and Hip hop, his true goal is to create new styles of music and present the world with a sound they have never heard before.